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Here you can find the all kinds of important accessories


In the page “Runners” you will find a comment telling you for which sled they can be used.

If you order runners please always mention the type of sled they will be used for, the type of mounting for the runners (old: before 2001 or new: after 2001) and the type of footboards you would like to have.

Included in the price are the standard footboards. For an additional price we can assemble  footboards made out of real rubber or our new 2 component footboards for you.

If you order the locking-system you will have to tell us as well on what kind of sled it is used 

We suggest it for the Odyss MD and the Flexmax!

kufePhoto: Locking system

You can find more accessories in our online-shop.

We do not offer sleds in our online-shop. Please order them per e-mail or contact the distributor of your country.

For spare parts please e-mail us and we will make you an offer. If possible please send a picture of the broken part/sled

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