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Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to mount cross country skies on a Danler-sled?


Generally speaking it is of course possible to mount x-country skies on any kind of sled. But we strongly advise against doing it, especially on middistance-sleds, as the strain is way too high.

However if you want to use x-country skies anyways, please keep the following in mind:

  • The thickness of the plastic amounts to about 1mm. Our runners have a plastic with 2 mm and therefore they last twice as long. This circumstance alone puts the higher cost into perspective
  • The tension of our runners matches our sleds. A x-country ski hast its tension most of the time to far in the front
  • Cheap x-country skies have a cheap plastic and only the expensive models have racing plastic
  • The danger of breaking these skies is extremely high. They are built for x-country skiing and are not made for mushing especially with a dog in the basket. Strongly affected by this matter are the expensive but extremely light skies


How can I avoid the runner locking system from freezing up? 

As the only company on the market we offer a two point attachment for the mounting of the runners. This way the flexibility of the runners is not affected. In case of infiltrating water the system will freeze up when the temperature reaches minus degrees. A bit of anti-freeze in the lock bar guide will do wonders and will keep the problem solved for a long time.

Please do not use hot water or try to force the bar open.


How do I store my sled during the winter month ?

The best is, if you store the sled and the runners in an unheated room. If you use the sled on a daily basis it is possible that if the sled is stored in a heated area the melted snow will find its way into screws that are mounted on the runner and that can ruin the runner in the long run.

Water can also cause the lock bar guide to freeze up, when the sled is brought back outside.


How do I store my sled in the summer ?

Clean the sled with water and a mild detergent if necessary and than it is best be to store it in a cool, dark room.


FAQ’s Longdistance model Flexmax

It is not possible to lift the sled on one runner and drive it that way on a side hill

It is not necessary to lift the Flexmax on to one runner. Just push it on the angle of the runner, hold it or even better, lock it in place with the locking system. This characteristic was one point that was very important to me, when I designed this model. Because it is very difficult for a lot of mushers, or even impossible, for some lady-mushers to lift a fully loaded sled.

Please do not use the locking system for locking the sled in center-position in order to be able to lift it!

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