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Topmushers drive a Danler-sled

Our first wooden sleds we already built in 1987 with the well known mid- and long distance musher Hans Gatt as a constructer. He is a 4 time winner of the Yukon Quest, was in the top ten in the Iditarod several times and won the Stage Stop in Wyoming 3 times.

This sled was liked by a lot of people very quickly because it was so flexible and lightweight in comparison to other wooden sleds.

1990 Hans Gatt moved to Canada and from this time on,  I,  Ernst Danler,  constructed all sleds and accessories  myself.

With the European Open, solely designed by myself, and being the first sled that could be folded, I managed a break through worldwide.

At the Trade fair in Germany “Trail 96” the European Open was honoured by the IFSS with the award for “Innovation and further development in the sector for sled dog accessories.”

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Details like the steering system, the locking system, the easy changing of the runners, small measures for transportation and handling, design, long durability and other convenient characteristics helped it to become well known throughout the mushing world.


In 2000 I advanced a step in improving and designed the Hornet and furthermore the Hornet XC. This concept allows for even better driving abilities.


In all those years, I, together with my team have produced all kinds of sleds from the Husky Buggy to the long-distance model “Flexmax” and we managed to be successful and create a sled for nearly all demands and almost every musher and are by now, especially with our sprint-sleds, traded and talked about as the world market leader.


We, a team of two and a half, produce almost all components including the runners

at our business location in Tirol/Austria.

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