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General information, good to know

We produce all our sleds and components out of high quality materials and most of them we make ourselves.


For example:
  • Runners
  • Sledbags and all other textile accessories
  • QCR’s


From the idea to the completion, out of the same cast, that makes the difference!

Every year we spend a lot of time with our prototypes and other improvements to make our sleds better.

We usually recommend our sleds to be used for different team sizes. However this is only a rough guide line and is of course always depending on the abilities of the musher.


As we just heard recently, Buddy Streeper, Canada, hooked up a team of 50 dogs and used a European Open Sled for this. Congratulations! Great job!

You can find a video on YouTube………??


This is of course not recommended

For all our racing sleds you can choose the colour of the top of the sled bag mentioned below.

The model Husky-Buggy and Husky Buggy XL is available in red and blue only.


Click on the colour block for a preview for the European Open.

If you place an order please use the colour name as stated below

    • green
    • dark grey
    • silver grey
    • orange
    • yellow
    • purple
    • blue
    • red
    • bordeaux / dark red
    • black


    Sled photos: Elmar Krenkel

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